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World's First Immersive Online Shopping Experience - Clinique Virtual Lab

Clinique has partnered with Journee to launch The Clinique Lab, a virtual retail beauty experience that offers a revolutionary way to shop. Customers can browse and purchase Cliniques products directly in the virtual shop, with exclusive offers and live chat support. Journee played a pivotal role in reinventing the lab and creating an immersive web environment that connects the virtual and real worlds. The experience is optimized for smartphones and tablets, and customers can access it from anywhere, at any time, without the need for a headset.

21 March 23
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Innovative first-to-market omni virtual lab experience

In Clinique's latest launch we take a look at Clinique's new virtual retail beauty experience 'The Clinique Lab' in partnership with Journee, offering a completely new way for visitors to take part in a Metaverse-enabled shopping experience.

Visitors to the platform are able to interact with the products and brand in a way they’ve never experienced before. They can browse and purchase products directly in the virtual shop, with exclusive offers, and get live answers to their questions through the chatbot with language integration. With this cutting-edge platform, Clinique together with Journee is revolutionizing the way people shop for cosmetics, offering a unique and engaging experience that goes far beyond traditional retail and into the commerce of the future.

Step into the future of immersive commerce!

Journee’s role in this project was very simple to reinvent the Lab and to help Clinique tell their story in a multi-sensory, immersive way. For Clinique It’s not enough to create great skin. They want to build a better world for skin to live in. Grounded in the latest science, they continually revisit and evaluate how to formulate products, all while holding themselves to high standards of sustainability and safety.

Journee helped Clinique carve out a space where the real and virtual worlds could coexist, connecting with the customer on multiple levels, and providing a novel yet enjoyable shopping experience. With custom made avatars, visitors can explore six different spaces, including a museum spotlighting the brand’s history and a skin school offering both video tutorials and interactive diagnostics with customized skincare solutions developed in real time by expert consultants.

New virtual retail experience

“Gen-Z and desktop are not a good mix,” said Clinique VP of e-commerce Emmanuel Rousson, adding that the mobile experience is much “more immersive” and the navigation “more efficient.” Users can jump between zones in one click in either format.

As visitors explored the Clinique Lab experience, they could collect bubbles, redeemable for a special offer code during checkout. What sets this initiative apart from others is that it can be accessed from any internet-connected device, at any time and from anywhere, without the need for a headset.

Designed to be mobile-first, Clinique Lab offers a seamless and immersive experience that is optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Both new and familiar visitors can access the platform year-round and enjoy refreshed content for major brand moments.

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Published on 21 March 23
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