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Forbes Recognizes Clinique Virtual Lab as A Winning Formula For Web3 Retail

Check out the detailed exploration by Stephanie Hirschmiller, Forbes editor, about the collaboration of Journee with clinique. highlighting the innovative execution and the seamless blend of technology and beauty. Clinique virtual lab offers a unique shopping experience, and a step into the future of Immersive commerce.

24 March 23
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A step into the future of immersive commerce

If you look at 2D images, text presentations, and videos, then those mechanisms in the existing online world are built to scale very well in width, but require attention per point. That means brands can only acquire one or two seconds of attention, which is, in our opinion, not deep enough to present world-changing products and opinions, especially given the average consumer’s short attention span.

Now, immersive online experiences are actually the opposite. They capture visitors for much longer through curiosity; they stimulate the idea of, “I want to look around; I want to know more.” And that is exactly what we are doing for our clients: We have created this beautiful online experience in order to accelerate the future of online shopping.

"The execution is impressive." - Forbes

Forbes detailed an exploration about the collaboration between Journee and Clinique

In the Forbes article "Why Clinique’s Next Move In The Metaverse Is A Winning Formula For Web3 Retail” Stephanie Hirschmiller, an editor at Forbes, focuses her writing on the topics of fashion, luxury, and the Metaverse. Her recent article on Clinique Lab provides a detailed exploration of the new project, developed in partnership with Journee. The new lab experience leans into the metaverse in a way that is on brand and makes sense for the target audience:

“It’s a new way to present our brand — an adventure that’s deeply experiential and aspirational, with an element of personalization both in the avatar and the way you decide to engage with it,” said Clinique VP of e-commerce, Emmanuel Rousson.

Journee's impressive execution of Clinique Lab: a new and exciting way to engage with the brand

Clinique Lab was created by Journee, a web3 outfit that has worked with clients such as H&M and BMW to design virtual showroom, metaverse and immersive web experiences. The platform's execution is impressive, offering a new and exciting way for customers to engage with the Clinique brand.

The platform is designed to be immersive and multi-sensory, creating a gamified environment for users.offer a unique and engaging shopping experience that combines retail with edutainment.

Custom avatars and real-time skincare solutions

In this interactive space, users can go on a self-guided tour as their own avatars. These areas include a museum that showcases the brand's history, as well as a skin school where users can access video tutorials and interactive diagnostics to receive customized skincare solutions in real time.

The lab also focuses on Clinique's Moisture Surge product, with a particular emphasis on the ingredients and formulas used in the product and the effect of environmental factors on the skin. Of course, users can also shop for featured products on the platform, with the option to check out via Clinique's regular e-commerce channel.

When it comes to the metaverse, Rousson regards it as an additional vehicle for marketing and communication — “complementing our e-commerce channel and helping to elevate it,” says Clinique VP of e-commerce Emmanuel Rousson

View Clinique project or discover more about Journee and our use cases here.

Read the full Forbes article here.

Published on 24 March 23
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