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Vogue Business Showcasing the future of digital fashion

Vogue Business collaborates with JourneeX - Journees metaverse infrastructure platform for an immersive virtual event featuring narrated 3D digital fashion pieces and insights from top designers. The exclusive event highlighted the credibility of the Vogue Business brand and paved the way for sustained engagement in Metaverse events for the fashion industry.

15 May 23
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Vogue Business launches virtual atelier

At every step of its almost 130 year history, Vogue has maintained its spot as a leader and pioneer in the industry. No strangers to breaking new ground, Vogue Business decided to continue its exploration of the Metaverse, holding an exclusive industry event where Vogue Business Members could engage in the process of creating, wearing, and selling 3D digital fashion.

The ‘Vogue Business Atelier’ was an immersive virtual world, where fashion enthusiasts and brand loyalists could learn directly from top digital designers, interact with other Vogue Business Members, and discover a curated presentation of digital fashion pieces, many of which were narrated by the designers themselves, adding a spatial audio dimension to the extraordinary experience. The pièce de résistance? A limited edition jacket created in collaboration with Vogue Business – the perfect nod to a brand which is pioneering the future of digital fashion.

Bringing digital fashion to life on Journee’s Metaverse platform

Partnering with Yahoo and DEPT Agency, Vogue Business approached Journee to host ‘Vogue Business Atelier’ on JourneeX, the company’s metaverse infrastructure solution for creators and enterprises. .

Event guests received a secret code to access the space, and upon entry were greeted by Maghan Mcdowell, Senior Innovation Editor at Vogue Business. Visitors could then take part in a self-guided tour through the virtual island, with each area offering new insights and ways to engage with the topic of digital fashion evolution.

‘‘A key tenet of journalism is to show, not tell. The goal of this experience is to showcase the potential for beauty and fidelity within virtual worlds and digital clothing for an audience of executives across fashion, beauty and technology. If you saw the highlights from the last time, you’ll know that this doesn’t look like a childhood video game, and it’s definitely not your standard business conference. This time, it’s even better.’’
- Maghan McDowell, Senior Innovation Editor at Vogue Business

Metaverse acts as a prime community-building platform

A key feature of the event was its exclusivity; by limiting the guests to Vogue Business Members only, the atelier provided a space where members could make valuable connections with industry leaders and experts. This highlighted the high-quality credibility of the Vogue Business brand, and paved the way for future sustained engagement in Metaverse events. Ultimately, it heralded a golden new era for the future of fashion and positioned Vogue as one to watch in the space.

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Fashion industry forging innovation.

With the rise and rise of sustainability and artificial intelligence as key topics in the world of fashion, the event marked a decisive step forward in terms of industry innovation. It paved the way for the sector to continue exploring technology like virtual dressing rooms, showrooms, gamification – and made the case for greater investment in digital fashion overall.

Published on 15 May 23
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