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CES 2024: Unleashing Technology for Futureproofing Customer Experience (CX) in the Automotive Industry

CES Las Vegas 2024 Capgemini panel featuring holoride and Journee: future of CX (Customer Experience) enabled by emerging tech

Jordan Robinson, Global Partnerships Director at Journee, joined our Partners Capgemini and holoride for an engaging discussion on how technology can help future-proof CX in industries at CES Las Vegas 2024. Watch the full recording here to gain insights on the future of CX enabled by emerging tech.

Navigating the Future of Customer Experience with Cutting-Edge Technology: A CES Las Vegas Panel Discussion

In an era where technology relentlessly reshapes the landscape of customer engagement, understanding its role in enhancing customer experience (CX) is more crucial than ever. This thought-provoking panel discussion, featuring Jordan Robinson, the Global Partnerships Director at Journee, alongside esteemed partners from Capgemini and holoride, delves deep into the forefront of innovation in CX. Recorded at the iconic CES Las Vegas, this conversation is a treasure trove of insights, showcasing how General AI, immersive technologies, and other emerging tech trends are not just shaping the future of CX but are pivotal in future-proofing it.

Join us as we explore the dynamic interplay between technology and customer satisfaction, the transformative power of immersive experiences, and the tangible benefits they bring to businesses and consumers alike. Through a series of illuminating case studies, including BMW's immersive driving experience and Macy's virtual retail exploration, our panelists unravel the complexities of integrating cutting-edge technologies into everyday customer interactions. This discussion is an essential guide for businesses looking to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of customer engagement, offering strategies to harness these innovations for scalable, value-driven customer experiences.

Dive into this engaging dialogue to gain unparalleled insights into the future of CX, enabled by the latest technological advancements, and discover how your business can stay ahead in the ever-changing world of customer experience.

Key topics include:
  • Leveraging GenAI and Emerging Technologies: Discussion on the impact of General AI and other emerging technologies in improving CX, emphasizing the importance of focusing on tasks, outputs, and their value to businesses and customers.

  • Importance of Immersive Experiences: Insights into how customers perceive the value of immersive experiences throughout their journey, underlining the significance of these experiences in modern CX strategies.

  • Case Studies on Immersive Technologies:

    • BMW Immersive Driving Experience: Analysis of BMW's approach to integrating immersive technologies to elevate the driving experience.
    • Macy’s Immersive Virtual Experience: Exploration of Macy’s implementation of immersive virtual experiences and the return on investment (ROI) these initiatives bring.
  • Value Addition through Technology: Examination of how technologies, particularly immersive ones, can enhance the real customer experience, especially in scenarios where existing systems have fallen short of expectations.

  • Adoption and Scalability of New Technologies: Strategies and considerations for companies aiming to embrace and scale new technologies to improve CX, ensuring better engagement and satisfaction.

The Panelists

  • Daniel Garschagen
    Lead, Applied Innovation Exchange, Munich at Capgemini
  • Christopher Bellaci
    General Manager North America at holoride
  • Jordan Robinson
    Global Partnerships Director at Journee
BMW Joytopia
BMW Joytopia
Macy's Immersive Commerce
Macy's Immersive Commerce
CES 2024 Capgemini panel with holoride and Journee
CES 2024 Capgemini panel with holoride and Journee

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