Create immersive web experiences for your clients, anywhere and on any device. JourneeX offers highest-quality audio visual capabilities, interactive worldbuilding, and web2/web3 integrations.

Our Platform

JourneeX for the Creative Industry

Experience the perfect blend of speed, quality, and best-in-class features as you produce and manage captivating Immersive Web Experiences for your clients.

    Cutting-Edge Streaming Quality on JourneeX

    We provide the highest fidelity and robust security standards for the world’s most exciting immersive projects.

    Build interactive, engaging experiences available at scale and across any device or browser. Our powerful tools are designed to make creative processes and production fast and secure.

    • World’s highest standard streaming quality
    • Quick start with ready-made templates and pre-configured plugins
    • Easily deploy, stream, and scale
    • Track performance and visitor analytics

    Introducing JourneeX for the Creative Industry

    Equipped with the highest streaming quality and the fastest web deployment time, JourneeX enables you to upload, manage, and stream your immersive projects like no other platform. Watch this video to see exactly how.

    Building Blocks

    • Create

      Craft and deploy your own high fidelity immersive experiences and collections in mere weeks using our SDK. Be that a virtual world, interactable digital assets, or additional integrations like learning from realtime data sources, JourneeX transforms your 3D design into an immersive experience like no other.

    • Manage

      Deploy, connect, control and configure your virtual world or Web3 collectibles and integrations through the ease of the Bridge Webapp. Tokenize your collections as NFTs, set the quality of your immersive experience, or even connect your social media through our key integration. Better yet, JourneeX empowers you to cap users and streaming costs as well as trigger real time actions and events for the most immersive and captivating experiences.

    • Deliver

      Stream easily through your website, monetize directly from your site, and authenticate users with custom integrations–Web3 or Web2. JourneeX easily enables enterprises to stream their immersive world from our peer-to-peer infrastructure to your site with minimal impact on site performance and maximal impact on user experience.

    Platform Key Features

    Second-to-None Performance 

    Achieve the highest fidelity with the best live rendering available. Our best-in-class cloud streaming technology sets new standards in quality and performance, ensuring that your experience captivates with unparalleled realism and achieves the quality it deserves.

    Take it a step further with our real-time spatial sound effects and atmospheric sound design to unlock fully immersive experiences on any device.

    Global Success at Scale

    Effortlessly manage your real-time immersive experiences with JourneeX's robust cloud management. Our platform provides global availability at scale - orchestrating the most suitable resources based on cost, latency, performance, availability, and provider metadata. You can streamline operations and boost productivity with detailed cloud control, advanced scheduling options, and multi-cloud support.

    Our extensive tool and feature sets ensure innovation in all your projects and future-forward business enablement for your clients, including classical pop-ups and polls to e-commerce with virtual shopping bags, Metamask integration for blockchain support, seamless homepage embedding, and social media sharing, to name a few. We will continue expanding our feature set to guarantee the smoothest transitions into the new internet era.

    From Unreal Engine to Live in 30 Minutes

    Say goodbye to lengthy deployment processes. By unifying battle-tested developer workflows, JourneeX Bridge enables you to seamlessly transform Unreal Engine projects into accessible immersive web experiences, optimized for any device and browser.

    Bridge the gaps in your creative process to go live faster and accelerate your time to market.

    We continuously monitor and guarantee full support on all common browsers, operating systems, social media environments, and devices. Users can enter your immersive worlds with one click and directly experience your project in the highest quality, whether on their desktop or mobile, with no additional downloads or technical devices necessary.

    Limitless Creativity for any Immersive Experience

    Our vision is to enable creative professionals to craft environments that reconnect humans in stunningly beautiful and record-breaking immersive worlds.

    Access a rich feature stack for interactive and highly engaging immersive experiences serving any use case and maximize productivity by leveraging JourneeX pre-configured plug-ins and ready-made templates. From Multiplayer to AI characters and RPM integration: We've got you covered so you can focus on what truly matters – limitless creativity in exceptional quality. Enable visitors in your interactive virtual environments to chat with their voice, dance with their friends, and collaborate in groups on gamified challenges.

    Secure and Efficient Management and Deployment

    Manage your immersive web applications in a secure and stable software environment. Easily control media, 3D assets, and custom live-streaming functionalities to adjust the appearance, behavior, and content of your immersive worlds. The JourneeX Control Panel enables real-time change management of features, content, UI design, multimedia, custom events, and parameter configuration. Enhance your production pipeline and maximize efficiency.

    We build true magic together. Invite admins, members, and viewers to your JourneeX team with our custom URM to collaboratively manage and control your projects while securely managing visibility and edit rights to sensitive databases.

    Protecting your work and data is our uppermost priority and the foundation of our success. Our platform is fully GDPR compliant and respects your's and your client's needs for security and privacy.

    Performance and Visitor Analytics

    We know you want the best possible outcomes for your worldwide clients. Whether you’re responsible for increasing visitor numbers, conversion rates, and sales goals, you need real-time data that monitors, informs, and evaluates the success of your projects. Leverage our visitor insights and performance data to track user behavior, measure key performance metrics, and gain actionable insights. With these tools at your disposal, you can monitor the health of your immersive experiences and optimize for maximum success.

    Key performance indexes include percentage and total unique visitors within defined segments, percentage of repeated visitors, duration of stay, time spent in pre-defined zones of your experience, and dropout rates. If wished, we also measure specific metrics such as brand-related goals, KPIs that indicate interest in and interaction with products, or sales goals.

    Other features

    • ERP Systems Integration

    • CRM & E-Commerce

    • Multiplayer Features

    • Social Interactions

    • AI Assistants

    • Pop-Ups & Events

    • Client & Team Management

    • Visitor Data Management

    • GDPR & Data Security Suite

    Our Case Studies

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