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Upscale Revenue, Marketing and Innovation with Metaverse

Leverage AI and Metaverse technology to showcase and engage with your audiences like never before.

Whether you want to attract your audience with cinematic visual audio quality or open your immersive in-experience shopping online store, our premium metaverse solution suite: JourneeX enables you to upcale performance and connect through any device, any browser, anytime, anywhere.

Uncover The Possibilities

Upscale revenue

From Metaverse to In-Experience Shopping iCommerce Store

Start showcasing and selling your products, your properties, your NFTs directly in the metaverse experience thanks to Journee's powerful Metaverse platform JourneeX

Upgrade your business and turn your metaverse or a 3D enviroment into profitable immersive commerce (iCommerce) experience within clicks. Ideate and strategize in a workshop with us to kick start.

Top sales use cases

  • In-Experience Sales Event

    Organize time-limited sales campaigns within virtual environments, boosting sales through interactive and engaging shopping experiences.

  • NFT Sales Platforms

    Explore blockchain and NFT technology for creating exclusive digital assets or limited edition products, driving sales through scarcity and uniqueness.

  • Virtual Trade Show Booths

    Host virtual product launches and participate in virtual trade shows, expanding reach and generating leads in a global digital environment.

  • Virtual Sales Meetings

    Conduct virtual sales meetings and product demonstrations, providing an immersive experience for potential clients and improving conversion rates.

  • Avatar-Assisted Sales

    Implement avatar-assisted sales interactions, providing a personalized and interactive experience for customers within virtual spaces.

  • Virtual Sales Analytics

    Access real-time analytics and sales dashboards within the metaverse, gaining insights into customer behavior and sales performance.

  • Immersive Sales Training

    Implement immersive sales training programs within virtual environments, enabling sales teams to enhance their skills and techniques.

  • AR Product Customization

    Enhance sales by implementing augmented reality for virtual product customization, allowing customers to personalize their purchases.

  • Virtual Loyalty Programs

    Integrate NFTs into your loyalty program by offering exclusive, limited edition digital rewards, personalized tokens, and blockchain-based points to incentivize customer engagement and enhance the overall loyalty experience.

Upscale marketing

Attract Your Audience & Stand Out In The Market

Scale brand value, create in powerful PR effects, cultivate unparalleled brand loyalty and connect with new generation of audience - GenZ and Gen Alpha through immersive experiences

Our metaverse immersive platform empowers you to redefine marketing practices, offering new avenues for creativity, customer engagement, and brand storytelling. Stay at the forefront of innovation in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Top marketing use cases

  • Immersive Brand Exhibits

    Create virtual brand exhibitions, allowing customers to explore products, interact with brand elements, and experience the brand in a virtual environment.

  • Immersive Ad Campaigns

    Design immersive ad campaigns within the metaverse, capturing audience attention through interactive and memorable experiences.

  • Virtual Retail Spaces

    Build virtual storefronts and shopping experiences, allowing customers to explore and purchase products in a visually engaging environment.

  • Virtual Product Launches

    Host global product launches in the metaverse, reaching a wider audience and creating buzz around new offerings.

  • Bridging Web2 and Web3

    Bridge the gap between traditional and metaverse experiences in digital marketing, ensuring a seamless omnichannel approach to customer engagement.

  • Metaverse PR Conferences

    Organize virtual conferences and events, allowing global participation and fostering networking opportunities in a virtual environment.

  • NFT Marketing Campaigns

    Leverage blockchain and NFT technology for marketing campaigns, creating exclusive and collectible digital assets.

  • 3D Brand Narratives

    Tell brand stories in a three-dimensional space, engaging customers with immersive and captivating narratives.

  • Virtual Data Dashboards

    Access real-time analytics within the metaverse, gaining insights into customer behavior and campaign performance.

  • Virtual Influencer Collab

    Collaborate with influencers in virtual spaces, creating unique and engaging content to promote products and services.

Upscale innovation

Stay At The Forefront of Innovation: Going Web3

Upscale innovation and enter Web3 with our emerging technology integrations such as built-in Blockchain, Crypto payment, Wallet, ReadyPlayerMe avatars directly in your metaverse.

JourneeX is also equipped with Generative AI and Intelligent AI agent. Have more emerging technology in mind? Our Open API enbles you to easily integrate your favorite tools into your virtual world

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