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Forbes' Predictions For A Permacrisis: Brand Strategies & Big Ideas For 2023

Forbes Retail and Brand Culture editor, Katie Baron, highlights the importance of ecommerce evolution and virtual world experiences, citing the spatial web as the future. Journee is noted as a quality white label provider, bringing cinematic-grade aesthetics to brand environments and collaborating with HM and Vogue Business.

29 May 23
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Trends lean in to Metaverse innovation

Forbes’ Retail and Brand Culture editor, Katie Baron, gazed into the crystal ball and predicted the eight key Metaverse trends on the horizon for 2023. .

A running thread throughout focused on the presence of innovative technologies, namely all things Metaverse, Web3 and NFTs. Interestingly, these trends were highlighted in intersection with the topics of our times, namely sustainability, diversity, and well-being.
On proving the Metaverse’s viability and relevancy against the current global ‘constant crisis’ (‘permacrisis’) backdrop, Baron notes, ‘‘Long-term opportunities remain very real and investment worthy. Two consistent queries (Can it deliver ROI? Is it what the world really needs right now?) will make 2023 an especially interesting year.’’

Journee named as distinguished white label provider

Front and center of the discussion was the evolution of ecommerce, and finding innovative ways to shoehorn innovative technology into virtual shopping experiences. Baron says, ‘‘Consider the ‘spatial web’ as the logical progression for ecommerce, with proprietary brand worlds promising better engagement metrics than trade e-tail thanks to the more exploratory nature, trackable interactivity, and promise of personalization. Look to white label concepts from world builders including Journee, which is bringing cinematic-grade aesthetics to fully CRM-connected, user-adaptable brand environments (see its collabs with H&M and Vogue Business).’’

H&M - Virtual Showroom
A shop window, catwalk, meeting point, event space and business hub — find out how Journee reimagined the future of retail experiences.
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Vogue Business - The Metaverse Experience
In their first foray into virtual events, Vogue Business partnered with Yahoo and Dept to showcase the state of global digital fashion on Journee’s platform — find out how we made virtual fashion accessible in the Metaverse.
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Gamification, token-gating and utilities set to drive brand engagement.

Key avenues for high-potential innovation included gamification, token-gating, and granting customers ‘utilities’ (giving access, perks, and rewards on an ongoing basis) as a way to “keep the brand-fan spark alive.’’ Here lies a classic brand tactic — exclusivity — “where only special tier owners can open doorways into the most desirable nooks of its branded metaverses.”

Read the full piece here.

Get to know Journee, the leading force of the immersive web

Published on 29 May 23
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