Innovate the future of the web. At Journey, we're dedicated to building a more beautiful internet, changing the way we connect through the immersive web.


We Innovate The Future of The Web

Immersive Virtual Worlds to define the next wave of online experiences

    Our Team

    At Journee, our remarkable achievements are powered by an extraordinary team—the true architects of digital magic.

    From visionary cloud specialists and ingenious creatives to strategic masterminds, our ensemble thrives on collaboration and innovation.

    Based in Berlin, our operations and influence extend globally, serving renowned clients across both private and public sectors. Our team is united in its passion to redefine the possibilities of a beautiful, impactful, and immersive internet.

    We are committed to pushing the boundaries of digital experience, working together to shape the future of the web.

    Our Vision & Mission

    • We use the power of technology to enhance the quality of time we spend online. Our technologies enable online experiences that inspire, uplift, and empower people globally. Our ultimate goal is to create the most beautiful and impactful internet, one that inspires and invites people to connect, learn, grow, and express themselves in more meaningful ways.

    • Changing the future of the internet is a big ambition – one that we don’t aim to achieve alone. Our technologies empower enterprises and the creative industry worldwide to implement their immersive web goals. Our technology is the natural choice for all change makers because we make them perform at their very best.

    • We ensure our technology provides solutions that are accessible to all. We are committed to creating inclusive online experiences that empower and celebrate every human being, and to accelerating access to beautiful and impactful new internet realities for people worldwide, regardless of background, location, or status.

    • We join forces and collaborate with people that share our vision. We enable integrated work processes by providing enterprises and the creative industry with tools that make designing and delivering more beautiful interactive experiences and real business impact easy.

    • Our technologies are designed to embrace change, adapt quickly, and flexibly integrate new solutions. We enable easy integration of all existing and future applications and the purposeful integration of AI tools. For constant optimization, to serve enterprises and the creative industry, and to ensure future market fit.

    Our Story

    2019 Journee virtual museum

    From Generative AI to Immersive Worlds

    We started developing a new technology inspired by a genuine desire for deeper human connection during the lockdowns of COVID-19.

    Journee was founded in late 2019 with a vision to push the boundaries of technology through AI. Our crowning achievement was Helin, the world's first AI-designed sculpture, crafted from Italian marble. But COVID-19 made it impossible to unveil this extraordinary AI-designed masterpiece within esteemed museums and galleries, leaving the team unable to showcase the global sensation that Helin truly is.

    However, the setback only fueled our determination to find a solution exhibiting Helin globally in the quality that it deserves. The idea of a virtual museum was born. And it became a pivotal decision for the future of the whole company. Inspired by its success, Journee evolved into enabling branded immersive spaces for enterprises that would capture hearts and minds alike.


    AI born: A sneak peek into our origin from the Lumen Prize AI award winner - Helin

    If an aesthetic object is created without any human purpose, do we witness an accidental product of nature or do we perceive new forms of artificial intentions? The sculpture Helin embodies an organic data mirror emerging from our collective historical heritage. Our technical approach is based upon a novel procedure for Deep Learning in 3D space. The corresponding custom network architecture is trained on 120.000 historical sculptures and generates new alternative bodies 30 times a second. We enable insights into historical, spatial data of human expressions and translate this assembled intelligence into a natural and tangible artefact of heavy dark marble.

    Journee immersive e-commerce capacities

    Going global and defying the limits of what’s possible

    Journee has evolved into a globally acclaimed company, delivering immersive web applications to businesses across the globe.

    In our third year, Journee has become a leader in the immersive web industry, recognized for delivering high-quality, impactful virtual worlds. As the leading B2B solution provider, we're driving the evolution of the internet to meet changing consumer behaviors influenced by the pandemic and expectations set by the gaming industry.

    Our mission is to transform and elevate online experiences. In a short time, we've equipped major brands like BMW, Clinique, Macy's, and Vogue Business with immersive virtual experiences that outperform traditional 2D experiences, marking significant progress in our journey to revolutionize how people interact, work, shop, and socialize online.


    Immersive AI: Evolve from the roots

    In 2024, Journee continues to innovate at the forefront of technology with the launch of advanced AI capabilities on our JourneeX platform. This year, we've introduced AI-prompted immersive virtual worlds and intelligent GPT AI agents, marking a significant evolution in how virtual environments are created and interacted with.

    These enhancements allow for a more human-centric approach, significantly enriching user engagement through features like virtual co-creation and personalized services. By expanding the use cases for virtual worlds, our technology JourneeX is not just transforming the landscape of digital interaction but also setting new standards for how businesses connect with and serve their audiences. This evolution underscores our ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, ensuring that every digital space we create delivers both impact and value.


    A big part of what we do online everyday will be immersive

    By 2030, immersive technology will redefine our daily online interactions.

    We anticipate a shift away from traditional 2D screens toward dynamic three-dimensional environments where socializing, learning, shopping, and working take place through avatars in virtual spaces. This technological evolution paves the way for creating immersive realities that not only enhance how we interact with the digital world but also inspire and empower individuals globally.

    At Journee, we are at the forefront of this transformation. Our technology is designed to foster connections, promote inclusivity, and provide enriching online experiences accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or location. We are dedicated to developing digital realities that celebrate human diversity and expand access to new, immersive possibilities worldwide.

    The Voices of Journee

    • Christian Mio Loclair

      Co-Founder and Co-CEO

      As a computer scientist and pioneer in AI and creativity, Mio is globally renowned for thinking, coding, and designing the future. He speaks at the United Nations about the impact of AI. Constantly striving for unique aesthetic expressions and cutting-edge developments, he is the driving force for many of our achievements.

    • Nico Votano

      Chief Revenue Officer

      Guided by his mantra: "Strategies are built with brains and executed with hearts," Nico brings a unique perspective to his role. With 15 years of experience in management consulting, he collaborated with clients, partners, and colleagues worldwide. His passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment contribute to his invaluable role in fostering growth.

    • Neil Coleman, Chief Operating Officer at Journee

      Neil Coleman

      Chief Operating Officer

      Driven by building exceptional businesses with exceptional people, Neil has played a leading role in the growth of several top companies in era-defining new categories, including advertising technology, Social Media and FinTech. He now brings this passion to Immersive AI with the team at Journee.

    • Jeremy Hofmeister Mac Lynn

      Executive Creative Director

      Starting sentences with: "Imagine...", Jeremy has the nicest way of coming up with unseen and totally new creative ideas. His extensive experience in the creative industry enables him to deliver next-generation immersive experiences that define the future of Immersive Web Applications and deliver true value for our clients worldwide.

    • Luca Schiefer

      Product Director

      Luca has been with Journee since its earliest beginnings. She leads the product team and has helped the company establish itself as a leading infrastructure solution for enterprises to execute their global metaverse strategies. As a strategic product designer, she masters the intersection of experience design, technology, and business.

    • Nathan Vogel

      Technical Director

      Rooted in a product-focused mindset and with a digital design background, Nathan thrives at the crossroad of creativity and technology. Journee offers the ideal place to explore and cultivate these synergies.

    Our Success

    The numbers we've achieved:

    • Vistors Hosted Globally >10m

      Over 10 million users hosted worldwide for the world’s most iconic brands.

    • Conversion Rate +50%

      Immersive Web Applications boost conversion rates by more than 50%.

    • Engagement Time +250%

      Keep your audience engaged more than twice as long in the Immersive Web.

    • Awards Won 28

      Dozens of awards received for our groundbreaking Immersive Experiences.

    Our Awards Speak for Themselves

    Our forward-leaping, exceptionally beautiful, and record-breaking Immersive Online Experiences receive global recognition.

    We proudly partner with enterprises, 3D studios, agencies, consultancies, tech integrators, and many more partners globally to provide photorealistic 3D environments for people to shop, work, learn, co-create, get inspired, and exchange ideas.

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