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Immersive E-Commerce Experiences

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    The Future of e-Commerce is Immersive

    Immersive commerce paves the way for brands to captivate customers in a more enthralling and immersive way.

    In-experience, click-to-buy interactions facilitate the direct monetization of digital assets and tangible products.

    Business Potential of Immersive Commerce

    I-commerce (immersive e-commerce) is shaping the buyer’s journey across a variety of touchpoints.

    • 60%
      Of consumers believe that shopping in virtual worlds will become the norm in the future.
    • $2T
      The expected global retail e-commerce market value by 2030.
    • 80%
      Of retailers think in five years time, most e-commerce retailers will have built immersive shopping experiences.

    Top Impacts in iCommerce

    • Increased Revenues

      Create a world where retail and shopping experiences aren't confined by physical boundaries. With models like Direct-to-Avatar (D2A) and 24/7 AI-powered customer support, brands can increase retention rates and customer satisfaction.

    • Next-Gen CRM

      Understand your shoppers in a more informed way. Immersive retail generates significantly more consumer data points in a privacy-preserving manner.

    • Higher Margins

      Immersive digital retail experiences effectively diminish return rates, as customers can explore a 3D product catalogue and try on with AR before finalizing their purchases.

    • Sustainability

      Digital shopping not only curbs the energy consumption linked to tangible production, but also contributes to minimizing return rates through immersive shopping.

    • Hyper Engagement

      Virtual shoppers will be more engaged than ever. Create engaging experiences that extend far beyond the sale with token-gated member clubs and Soulbound Tokens help amplify interaction with devoted superfans.

    • Increased Operational Efficiency

      Immersive shopping provides an unprecedented level of visibility into processes and systems, paving the way for more efficient manufacturing and operations.

    iCommerce Use Cases

    • Immersive Experiences

      The immersive web is transforming the way customers interact with brands. Think real time (AI) chats, buy now buttons in-experience, all while engaging in an immersive world.

    • New Phygital Products

      Retailers can capitalize on digital-only assets such as AR wearable, product try-ons, and NFTs.

    • NFTs

      NFTs can serve as authentication for purchasing or entry into exclusive virtual clubs. This will change and expand payment processes and immersive meet-ups.

    • Loyalty Programs

      Brands are uniquely positioned to promote and expand customer loyalty in the virtual world through special events or clubs for superfans.

    • Web3 Enabled

      Virtual shoppers will have the opportunity to login with wallet or email, facilitating a privacy-friendly way to store and access payment methods.

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