Immersive Virtual Worlds to Revolutionize the Next Wave of Online Experiences. Stream on any browser, device, anytime, anywhere with cinematic visual sensation, functional e-commerce weblayers and limitless integrations.


Welcome to JourneeX

Immersive Virtual Worlds to define the next wave of online experiences

    The premium enterprise solution suite for virtual experiences

    Crushing costs and creation cycles, elevating engagement and quality, JourneeX offers immersive applications that captivate, engage, and ignite inspiration across the globe.

    Our technology equipped with powerful AI capacity, cloud streaming and seamless feature integration enable ultimate immersive experience and exceptional business results. Get started today, enjoy seamless access on any device or browser - whether it's mobile, desktop or even AppleVision Pro, no need for downloads or extra hardware. Experience swift, secure, and top-quality audience interactions.

    Our Success Story

    We have a proven record for excellence, with 28 awards won and counting for exceptionally impactful immersive applications that convert much better than any 2D internet application.

    We boost conversion and catalyze engagement with 10+ million users hosted worldwide.

    • >10m
      Users hosted globally
    • +53%
      eCommerce conversion rate
    • +11%
      Average order volume
    • +250%
      Engagement time
    • Key Benefits

      Attract and retain your visitors with ultra-fast connection and premium quality

      For any business need or use case, JourneeX ensures easy access on all browsers and devices without package downloads or additional hardware.

      Experience premium visual sensation with state-of-the-art engagement mechanics, gamification methods, and social interaction tools, resulting in high engagement rates, long visits, and higher conversion rates.

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      JourneeX - Attract and retain your visitors with ultra-fast connection and premium quality
    • Key Benefits

      Comfortably manage your immersive virtual worlds

      Deploying from Unreal to web in 30 minutes, optimizing with real-time visitor data from built-in CRM. JourneeX offers unparalleled enablement for you to easily manage your immersive worlds or metaverses.

      On top of that, JourneeX delivers the highest data security and compliance standards, global availability, and scalability. Save time and cut costs without compromising on quality.

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      Comfortably **manage** your immersive virtual worlds
    • Key Benefits

      Create business impact with seamless integration

      JourneeX enables real business impact built on efficiency, automation, and optimization of all forms of engagement between you and your audiences.

      Seamlessly integrate web2 and web3 tools into your immersive applications. From generative AI and CRM to fully customizable avatars from ReadyPlayerMe. From payment systems, social media, and crypto to in-experience shopping that effortlessly connects to eCommerce. Unlock more efficient business opportunities and impact.

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      JourneeX - Create business impact with seamless integration

    For Enterprises

    JourneeX for Enterprises

    The Future of Customer Experience & User Engagement

    JourneeX - our premium enterprise solution suite for virtual experiences deliver extremely successful engagement rates, new revenue streams, gamified user experiences, advanced analytics, seamless software integrations, and industry-leading security and compliance standards. Leverage our technology to create more efficient, sustainable, and collaborative systems throughout the entire value chain.

    • Own the design, the data, and the business modeling
    • State-of-the-art engagement mechanics and social interaction
    • Seamlessly integrated into your eCommerce, CRM, and other APIs

    Our Case Studies

    For the Creative Industry

    JourneeX overview
    JourneeX for the Creative Industry

    Immersive Production Quality & Speed

    3D studios, agencies, and the broader creative scene use JourneeX. If you share our vision for a more beautiful and impactful online experience, inquire today for onboarding and access to our platform!

    We are happy to share our success and invite everybody to join forces in enabling next-generation internet solutions.

    Experience the perfect blend of speed and quality as you create and manage captivating, immersive web applications. Engross your audience in high-definition visuals, delivering exceptional streaming qualities and unparalleled engagement.

    • From Unreal Engine to web in 30 minutes
    • Quickstart with ready-made templates
    • Highest streaming quality in ultra-fast speed
    • CMS for managing your immersive projects
    • Data analytics and vistor tracking

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