Create multi-sensory, immersive experiences for your brand. See why beauty leaders trust Journee to facilitate metaverse experiences through unique virtual worlds.

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Immersive Beauty Experiences

As an industry leader in immersive web solutions, we are your trusted partner for creating your unique virtual worlds. Discover how we empower elite businesses and renowned brands in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

    Beauty of the future will be immersive, diverse, and experiential.

    The future of beauty is immersive.

    Create the ultimate virtual shopping and experiential brand opportunities. Join us in leading the way to the future of beauty with virtual stores and shopping experiences, customizable avatars, and so much more.

    Enter the Future of Beauty

    In the rapidly-accelerating digital landscape, consumers are moving into the virtual world and expecting leading brands to meet them where they are.

    • 70%
      Of consumers has made a purchase in a virtual store.
    • 42%
      Of Gen Z are interested in buying “virtual looks” for themselves or avatars
    • 66%
      Of beauty shoppers would like to try metaverse technology in the future.

    Top Impacts in Beauty

    • Hyper-Engagement

      Interact with your customers on a whole new level. The immersive world enables brands to create new layers of experience, “edutainment”, and gamification.

    • New Business Models

      Take advantage of a world of possibilities that open up new revenue streams through immersive online retail.

    • Next-Generation CRM

      Understand your customers like never before. Immersive experiences yield significantly more data points than traditional websites.

    • Innovation through Co-Creation

      The metaverse enables individuals to be creators as well as customers, leading to diversity of products and increased innovation.

    • Increased Efficiency Across the Value Chain

      Leverage the virtual world to better manage inventory, implement smart manufacturing, and preserve IP rights.

    • Sustainability

      Create a more sustainable operation with immersive online experiences such as virtual showrooms, which drastically reduce CO2 and waste.

    From Industry Pioneers

    • "The metaverse will unlock new areas of inclusivity and self-expression"

      Jon Roman
      SVP of Global Consumer Marketing, Estee Lauder

    Beauty Use Cases

    • Virtual Try-on

      In the virtual world, there are no limits to how individuals can express themselves and experience new products.

    • Virtual Beauty Influencer

      Influencers are leading the way in beauty brand awareness. The metaverse will create its own unique category of leaders in this space.

    • In-experience Shopping

      With immersive online experiences, buying is no longer limited to the transactions. It’s about an experience, a story.

    • Gamified Experience

      Brands can offer a new level of interaction through gamified experiences, connecting customers both in-store and online.

    • Virtual Beauty Console

      The metaverse is democratising knowledge and experience. Now, there are no limits to who can enter and learn from the beauty world.

    • Personalization

      Shoppers can create their own avatars as well as explore personalized product recommendations using AI and AR.

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    in the Immersive Web

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