Journee sets a new benchmark in the automotive digital landscape. By blending cutting-edge technology with user-centered design, we offer a solution suite that not only meets but exceeds the demands of today’s digital-first consumers. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to enhance the digital business strategies of automotive brands, driving them towards a future where digital engagement and luxury branding converge.

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Revolutionize Automotive Digital Strategies

Elevate your brand with Journee and redefine the future of customer experience and user engagement.

    Enhancing Automotive Marketing and Sales through Advanced Virtual Solutions

    In an industry driven by innovation and high expectations, premium automotive OEMs must constantly evolve to meet the demands of diverse consumer groups. Journee is at the forefront, offering the premium enterprise solution suite for virtual experiences tailored for automotive marketing, sales, digital business, and communication.

    Our Offerings Include

    • Interactive product experiences through immersive configurators that enhance customer engagement, creating personalized journeys with dynamic visualizations and user-centric interfaces.

    • Dynamic 3D websites utilize immersive technology to create visually engaging and interactive online environments that are accessible through a simple URL from any device. These platforms allow automotive brands to showcase their vehicles in detailed, lifelike scenarios that users can manipulate and explore from any angle. Features include real-time customization of vehicle models, interactive tours of the car’s interior and exterior, and seamless integration with spatial computing to enhance user immersion. This innovative approach not only captivates visitors but also significantly boosts user engagement and decision-making, providing a competitive edge in digital marketing strategies.

    • Robust i-commerce solutions transform traditional online shopping into a fully immersive buying journey, utilizing advanced immersive and spatial technologies. These platforms offer a hands-on virtual showroom experience where customers can explore, customize, and interact with vehicle features in a lifelike digital landscape. From virtual test drives through varied environments to detailed explorations of car functionalities and customization options, i-commerce enables consumers to make informed decisions from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, these platforms cater to a broad range of products and experiences, from cars to digital collectibles and even event tickets, providing diverse revenue streams. This powerful tool aids automotive brands in reducing the gap between online browsing and physical dealership visits, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting sales conversion rates.

    • Each of our offerings is designed to address specific use cases within the automotive industry. These solutions empower brands to elevate their market presence and brand experience,  address a specific target group or reach the individual user with a personalized digitally enhanced user experience.

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    Our Solutions

    Omnichannel Marketing Reimagined

    Our omnichannel marketing solutions integrate seamlessly across digital platforms, ensuring consistent and engaging customer experiences.

    Journee helps automotive brands leverage every customer touchpoint, significantly increasing engagement time, conversion rates, and ultimately, revenue. Our tools are designed to upscale customer interactions, turning every digital journey into an opportunity for upselling and reinforced brand loyalty.

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    • Journee automotive showroom
    • JourneeX immersive virtual AI assistant
    • JourneeX immersive e-commerce features
    • JourneeX conference and expression features
    • JourneeX social sharing features
    • Journee immersive gamified experience
    • JourneeX voice-chat features
    • JourneeX virtual influencer features
    • JourneeX concert event experience

    Revolutionizing After-Sales with Immersive Technologies

    Journee extends its capabilities beyond the initial sale.

    Our immersive training modules and loyalty programs are tailored to keep customers connected and engaged with your brand. By offering innovative and interactive  ways to explore new products and accessories through virtual experiences and communities, Journee helps sustain customer interest and satisfaction, thereby increasing Net Promoter Scores and strengthening customer retention.

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    • Journee RPM or own-customized avatar
    • JourneeX ReadyPlayerMe avatar
    • JourneeX promotion pop-out window feature
    • JourneeX automotive digital twin
    • JourneeX GPT sales agent and chat feature
    • JourneeX digital collectible feature
    • Journee digital headquarters
    • JourneeX multiplayer virtual word

    Impacts Impacts

    Digital Business: Boosting Revenue with Configurator and Immersive Commerce

    Journee's immersive car configurator experience, powered by JourneeX, transforms how customers personalize  their vehicles in a virtual environment. This advanced product visualizer does more than enhance the buying experience; it expands basket sizes through intelligent upselling and integrates directly with e-commerce systems. Every configuration can seamlessly transition into a sale, improving the efficiency of the sales funnel and boosting overall transaction values.

    But the configurator is not just about customization. Users can also virtually test drive vehicles in a multiplayer environment, interact with friends, or engage with AI-generated product reels that feel like music videos. These unique features can be shared directly on social media, broadening the impact and reach of each interaction. Additionally, users have the option to voice chat with sales agents and support teams directly through the JourneeX platform, enhancing the customer service experience and driving further engagement. 

    Interactive configurator experience <Demo>
    Interactive configurator experience <Demo>
    Immersive and AI-powered <Demo>
    Immersive and AI-powered <Demo>

    Ultra Targeting GenZ and GenAlpha

    Journee’s solutions tap into the preferences of Gen Z and Gen Alpha, who thrive on gamification and interactive, multi-player environments. Our immersive platforms are accessible across all devices—mobile, tablet, desktop, and Apple Vision Pro—providing a versatile and engaging experience. By offering features like virtual test drives in a multi-player setting and seamless integration with social networks for easy sharing, Journee helps automotive brands connect meaningfully with younger audiences, fostering loyalty and enhancing their digital presence.

    Journee immersive interactive car configurator in a multiplayer virtual enviroment

    Experience the excitement of bringing custom-configured cars to life with our Custom Product Showcase Visualizer. This feature allows automotive brands to offer their customers a dynamic music video of their personalized vehicles, ideal for sharing on social platforms or directly with potential buyers and friends. It enhances engagement by transforming car configurations into captivating visual content and serves as an effective marketing tool. The videos boost visibility, attract more customers, and assist buyers in making confident decisions by showcasing the vehicle’s unique features and customizations in an appealing format. Transform car configurations into vibrant assets that captivate and convert.

    In a multiplayer virtual environment <Demo>
    In a multiplayer virtual environment <Demo>
    Ultra HD interior details <Demo>
    Ultra HD interior details <Demo>

    Transforming the EV Buying Experience with Journee's Premium Virtual Solutions

    Revolutionize EV buying with personalized, immersive experiences, simplified configurations, and innovative virtual test drives.

    Automotive’s Immersive Potential

    The future of automotive is digital. Take a closer look at emerging trends.

    • 59%
      Of consumers are interested in buying a car through an online process.
    • $16.5B
      Estimated metaverse market value for the automotive industry by 2030
    • 90%
      Of car buyers research online, before they even visit a showroom
    • 1/3
      Buyers saying they will research and buy their next car online

    Why Journee?

    Journee sets a new benchmark in the automotive digital landscape. By blending cutting-edge technology with user-centered design, we offer a solution suite that not only meets but exceeds the demands of today’s digital-first consumers. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to enhance the digital business strategies of automotive brands, driving them towards a future where digital engagement and luxury branding converge. Discover our work Learn about Journee

    Strategic Partnerships Enhancing Journee's Automotive Solutions

    Journee enhances its service offerings through strategic, reliable, and sustainable partnerships, delivering exceptional value to our customers. Our network includes leading global strategy consultancies and elite marketing and design agencies. This collaboration enables Journee to offer comprehensive expertise across the entire spectrum of automotive consulting—from strategic and management consulting to system integration and software development. These partnerships not only showcase our strong alliances but also reassure our clients of the extensive capabilities and steadfast support that underpin our solutions. Get in touch

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    Discover the full potential of your automotive brand with Journee. Enhance your customer engagement, expand your digital capabilities, and drive unprecedented growth. For a detailed exploration of how our solutions can transform your business, or to start a project with us, contact us.

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    More Use Cases

    • New Revenue Models

      Expand your business with next-generation payment options through NFTs as proof of ownership, digital wallets, and even crypto payments.

    • Virtual Test Drives

      Automotive brands can offer realistic test drives in virtual spaces, helping consumers get a better understanding of the vehicle beforehand and improving conversion.

    • Co-Creation & Loyalty

      Forge lasting connections between automotive brands and customers through collaborative design experiences, loyalty programs, and more.

    • Virtual Repairs

      Pioneer a world where troubleshooting and vehicle repairs are made effortlessly through the power of technology like AR-enabled diagnostic processes.

    • Immersive Exploraton

      Invite customers to dive into the world of automotive engineering through interaction with detailed 3D models, creating an educational and engaging experience.

    • Environment Simulation

      Enable efficiency at every turn. Immersive technology helps automotive companies simulate environments and processes for automotive development.

    • Employee Training

      Immersive simulations can help employees enhance their skills and practice in a risk-free environment, while vehicle testing can be done in a variety driving scenarios and conditions

    • Loyalty programs

      New ways of interacting with your customers, building a community through token gated (NFT) access to (online) events and adding layers of exclusivity for superfans through soul bound tokens.

    • Consumer experiences

      Immersive and interactive or gamified experiences for customers when it comes to buying and owning cars. From virtual showrooms to virtual test drives, customers can explore and customize cars in amore engaging way than ever.