JourneeX Weblayer is an all-in-one tool empowering businesses to effortlessly transform 3D designs into interactive virtual worlds (or "metaverse") that captivate, engage and inspire.

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Go From 3D Design to Immersive Web Application with JourneeX Weblayer

Imagine turning your intricate 3D world designs from Unreal into fully functional immersive web (or metaverse) experiences within clicks. Cut out the long processes of integrating functionalities through JourneeX Weblayer. This simple tool eliminates the need for weeks of web deployment processes, giving you more time to focus on what matters.

1 September 23
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From Design to Immersion

JourneeX Weblayer is a cutting-edge solution designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between 3D design and immersive web experiences. Translating a captivating 3D design into a functional web interface is time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Weblayer changes this landscape by automating and streamlining the process, bringing your vision to life at a fraction of the work. In just half an hour, you can transform your static 3D designs into dynamic, interactive virtual environments that users can explore, engage with, and experience firsthand.

What Does It Take To Get From 3D to Functional?

Let's delve into a quick example to understand the magic behind JourneeX Weblayer. Maybe you need a virtual 3D conference room to make work meetings less… dull. Usually, transforming this design into an immersive web experience could take months of development, testing, and deployment.

You’d need everything from multiplayer features to digital avatars, voice integration, MS teams, responsive streaming across all devices, and it would have to connect to your existing office system like Microsoft Teams.

Or perhaps you want to add a new dimension to your new ecommerce business to the tune of a digital shopping experience? You’ll need a working shopping cart feature, voice chat, maybe AI-powered assistants and additional payment options like crypto. What about pop-ups to improve your sales? Or a CRM to track your customer behavior and improve the experience? Top that off with multiplayer features and responsive streaming across any device, and you have a lot to cover.

That’s a lot of work to go from an empty 3D virtual space on Unreal to an immersive, functional virtual world. But with JourneeX Weblayer, it's a different story, enabling you to craft an entire virtual conference experience, iCommerce (immersive commerce) suite, or anything you can imagine within clicks.

Unveiling the Versatile Features of Weblayer

JourneeX Weblayer isn't just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution suite bringing a wealth of features to your enterprise. Starting from AI-powered chat functionalities that enhance user engagement to the seamless integration of holograms for that extra layer of immersion, Weblayer has it all:

  • Intuitive Navigation: Effortlessly guide users through an intuitive immersive journey, enhancing their experience and boosting engagement.

  • Multiplayer Features: Foster interaction and engagement by enabling multiple users to explore and interact within the same virtual space.

  • Ecommerce: Unlock new revenue streams by transforming your 3D design into a fully functional iCommerce online store, complete with shopping carts and secure payment options.

  • iFrame Integration: Embed external content and websites directly within your immersive environment.

  • Auto Redirect: Streamline user journeys and maximize engagement by automatically directing users key pages of your immersive experience.

  • Social Media Sharing: Allow users to share their immersive experience with friends and followers on popular social media platforms.

  • MS Teams Integration: Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Teams into your immersive web experience, enabling collaborative meetings and interactions.

  • Voice Chat: Enhance engagement by enabling real-time voice communication among users within the immersive environment.

  • Pop-Ups & Events: Create dynamic interactions with pop-up messages or events that provide information, promotions, or engage users in specific actions.

Weblayer: The Lowdown

JourneeX Weblayer is an all-in-one enablement tool empowering the creative industry, enterprises and brands to effortlessly transform 3D designs into interactive virtual worlds (or metaverse) that captivate, engage and inspire. The potential is immense – from modernizing the way we conduct conferences to reshaping e-commerce. No matter your industry, Weblayer is your gateway to bringing your visions to life.

Want to learn more about how Weblayer can help you? Get in touch.

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Published on 1 September 23
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