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Immersive Web Next-Gen CRM: All You Need to Know

Our immersive web CRM integration can help businesses manage their customer interactions in the virtual world (or metaverse) more efficiently and effectively, using this data to drive future marketing and immersive web or metaverse campaigns.

1 September 23
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Seamlessly integrate a CRM into immersive experience or metaverse

Immersive web experiences offer a new dimension of digital interaction—but this also means a new dimension of data points to track and utilize whether you are selling physical or digital products like NFTs.

With this comes the need for immersive web CRM integrations so that you can track new data points and measure the engagement and interaction of your users in your world, ensuring long-term success through analytics and data management.

Hence we’re excited to announce official CRM integration modules to enable your CRM to communicate seamlessly with your immersive experience. Whether you use Salesforce, Adobe CRM, Hubspot, or anything else, we enable plug-and-play CRM integration tooling to seamlessly connect your CRM Platform with your immersive experience on JourneeX.

Moreover, with the addition of Web3 technology, this data can be collected in a privacy-preserving manner, keeping your users happy–and the regulators, thanks to full GDPR compliance.

What can brands do with CRM integration?

For starters, integrating a CRM with your immersive experience (metaverse) can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. Brands can use this data to create personalized experiences for their customers, leading to increased engagement and even an uptick in sales for e-commerce brands.

Overall, a CRM integration can also help businesses manage their customer interactions more efficiently and effectively, using this data to drive future marketing and immersive web campaigns.

What else can I integrate?

While immersive experiences(metaverse) have only bloomed in popularity more recently, there is a startling number of integrations ready to implement with your immersive experience; whether that’s Web3 or Web2, you can pick and choose the best integrations suited to your brand, vision, objective and audience.

For example, the possibilities for integrating all Web2 tools into the virtual space are endless. Brands can integrate AI-powered chatbots as digital companions, and even virtual assistants. This enables them to provide a more interactive and engaging experience for their customers, which in turn will help them to build stronger relationships and encourage customers to keep coming back.

How can I open an iCommerce store?

iCommerce is the next iteration of e-commerce. It’s just not just electronic anymore, but immersive, empowered by immersive experiences (metaverse) and the digital storefronts they can offer. Already, around 70% of consumers who visited digital stores made a purchase, with the majority of Gen Z shoppers agreeing that more brands should operate in the immersive web.

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Ultimately, if you don’t have a virtual space available, you’ll want to consider setting one up to empower your brand, create an alternative business model, and reach a new audience.

With this in mind, you can seamlessly implement metaverse technology and an immersive web experience into your business model through our e-commerce integrations and ready-to-use weblayer. For instance, these can allow your immersive world to be closely integrated with your website, so that guests can modify their shopping cart through actions in the immersive experience like clicking ‘Buy now’ in your immersive virtual space.

This makes e-shopping more interactive and more visceral, leading to more satisfied customers, better experiences, and boosting sales.

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Published on 1 September 23
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