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What is the Immersive Web? Everything Businesses Need to Know

The immersive web is a term used to describe the new, immersive age of the internet. There are different types of immersive experiences—shared and owned—and myriad use cases, from digital fashion shows to virtual stores.

1 September 23
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What Does Immersive Web Mean?

The immersive web is the next stage of the internet. It’s about meaningful interactions between brands, products and people in beautiful, immersive 3D digital spaces. It’s more pervasive, more enriching, and more beneficial to both brand and user.

This transformative new wave is not only fostering richer interactions, but is altogether redefining the online landscape with more valued and memorable digital experiences.

At Journee, our worlds are accessible worldwide at the touch of a button, all through web browsers—because we believe these experiences should be open to the masses, not restricted by the latest wearable tech.

Metaverse or Immersive Web?

In the realm of digital terminology, the term "metaverse" often blurs the boundaries with the immersive web, creating confusion. While some envision the metaverse as the forthcoming internet iteration, characterized by spatial, experiential, and interconnectedness, others perceive it as a single virtual world.

To us, the metaverse is just a facet of the broader immersive web landscape. While immersive experiences are a significant component, the immersive web encompasses a more comprehensive integration of the internet, where the metaverse offers the foundations that give rise to the immersive web.

Types of Experiences - Where Are The Immersive Web Applications Hosted?

In the immersive web, there are two different kinds of experience (metaverse); shared and owned, each with different goals.

Shared experiences are spaces shared by multiple businesses, typically used to increase brand awareness and rapidly reach an audience. In these, a company will introduce their branding into a 3rd party owned world. Popular platforms include Fortnite and Roblox.

In contrast, owned experiences are virtual worlds hosted and operated by a brand itself. Owned experiences (owned-metaverse) give brands total control over design, brand touchpoints, streaming quality, target audiences, the data of its users, and their feedback. Create your own on JourneeX

What are they for?

There are near limitless use cases for immersive web applications, including:

  • Digital testing

  • Fashion shows

  • iCommerce stores

  • Virtual prototyping using digital twins

  • Brand experiences

  • New product launch

  • Campaign awareness

  • Training and education

To date, some of the most mind blowing events have been huge commercial successes. Travis Scott’s Astronomical was viewed by over 45 million people.

At Journee, we’ve worked alongside the World Wildlife Foundation to create Ocean Detox, reaching participants from over 180 countries and cleaning more than 2400 kg of plastic from our oceans, driven by our action. We’ve also worked with the likes of BMW, H&M, and Vogue to deliver immersive experiences like no other—be that a Virtual Showroom or Digital Racing experience.

Working alongside H&M, we brought BGYO fans from across the world together in a virtual concert. The virtual experience showcased a trendsetting fusion between fashion, art and technology.

Immersive Integrations: From E-Commerce to NFTs

What else can we do in the immersive experience (metaverse)? Depending on the needs of your business, each experience may need different integrations: Whether that’s ChatGPT-powered AI companions, a virtually-integrated CRM or even NFTs.

In our experience, many of our partners have chosen to integrate CRMs to provide rich data and analytics, as well as our ReadyPlayerMe interoperable avatars to allow their users to express themselves in new ways.

No matter the needs of your business, our technology, design and feature integrations enable ultimate immersive experiences to improve your business outcomes. Discover integration opportunities for your business.

Can I Create an Immersive Web Experience for My Business?

Yes! Creating your own immersive virtual experience or metaverse doesn’t have to be complicated.

With a few simple steps, you can go from Unreal Engine to live in just a few clicks.

Through our leading immersive web platform, we invite enterprises, brands and the creative industry to leverage the new wave of technology to connect with their audience in a more immersive way.

Our full software solution and rich feature set are together designed to help you quickly build your own virtual world with ease, helping you to go from offering mere transactions to experiences.

If you’re looking to implement immersive technology into your business model, there are some things you should know.


The immersive web’ is a term used to describe the new, immersive age of the internet. There are different types of immersive experience—shared and owned—and myriad use cases, from digital fashion shows to virtual stores. Immersive integrations vary depending on the virtual world's function, such as VR or Web3 technology like NFTs.

Looking to create your own? Discover JourneeX or get in touch.

Published on 1 September 23
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