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Tech Integrations and Opportunities to Upgrade your Immersive Web Experiences

Through both Web2 and Web3, many integrations could enhance both the user experience and your business practices in the immersive web.

1 September 23
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The immersive, social experiences offered by the immersive web (or metaverse) present endless possibilities for your business and customers alike. Through both Web2 and Web3, many integrations could enhance both the user experience and your business practices.

Whether you’re an e-commerce retail business, the education sector, a NGO or any other enterprise, there are countless things you could integrate into your experience to boost growth, improve sales and expand your brand’s reach.

Web2: New Experiences, New Data

Understanding the immersive web means understanding its explorers. This is where Web2 integrations like CRMs prove useful, enabling you to manage and understand customer interactions and data more effectively, improving satisfaction and brand loyalty.

At Journee, we continuously learn from our ever-growing user base and improve the quality of our design to build truly engaging and lasting moments in virtual worlds.

We study complex user data and identify meaningful key performance indicators to improve and communicate our virtual user engagement, impression times, hot zone interactions, heat maps and Net Promoter Score. CRM integrations offer similar analytics, allowing you to closely understand how customers use your virtual world..

Through JourneeX, you can offer users high-quality, directly accessible, fast, and secure experiences to everyone, on any device and browser.

Social Media in the Age of Digital Immersion

Social Channels can also be seamlessly integrated into immersive experiences. Through these integrations, your users can instantly snap, post and share individual experiences in realtime and invite new users directly to their world and location.

Through social media implementation, you can quickly boost your brand awareness and amplify your immersive campaign across social media channels, all through your own user base by allowing your community to instantly share moments from their experiences in your immersive world.

Turn Your Virtual Storefront Immersive with iCommerce Integrations

One of the most popular Web2 integrations for virtual worlds and experiences is to implement e-commerce applications. Virtual storefronts and digital assets fit naturally, with highly interactive storefronts offering unique and memorable shopping experiences that are sure to keep customers engaged.

Currently, 70% of consumers who visited virtual stores made a purchase, with 60% of Gen Z shoppers believing that brands should operate iCommerce stores through a digital world.

Discover more market reports in our iCommerce Ebook.

Thanks to immersive ecommerce integrations, users can also purchase physical goods in-world from the comfort of their own home.

Already the ‘phygital’ approach is becoming more common, with users buying physical items and receiving digital twins that they could later wear on interoperable avatars.

We’ve already worked closely with our partners to implement iCommerce solutions across multiple immersive worlds.

Through these implementations, you can even integrate your virtual world closely with your website: For instance, allowing your guests to modify their shopping cart through in-experience actions like clicking ‘Buy now’ in a virtual world—this makes e-shopping more interactive, leading to more satisfied customers and better experiences.

Ultimately, immersive iCommerce integrations can create highly personalized and uniquely tailored experiences, boosting sales and improving customer satisfaction, while expanding your online presence by tapping into a growing virtual economy–from virtual try-ons to social media and even easy payment gateways.

Web3 Integrations: From NFTs to ReadyPlayerMe

The new wave of Web3 tech brings greater opportunities for your business to empower your users, create new experiences, and open up new revenue models. Through interoperable avatars and NFTs, customers have their eyes on a whole new asset class—new ways to own, trade, and remember experiences.

NFTs—New Financial Transactions?

NFTs allow for unique digital ownership of assets, providing new monetization opportunities through royalty fees and resale shares. Major fashion labels have quickly recognised the new opportunities, with names like Gucci launching NFT collections and limited drops through their Vault Metaverse.

Moreover, they can act as provable commitment to a brand. Digital collectibles as a form of memorabilia are becoming increasingly popular, also offering additional perks like acting as access passes to events.

For example, limited edition NFTs can be offered to users as proof of attendance for any digital experience. These offer a new way to merchandise, giving your customers a digital collectible to treasure, fostering brand loyalty.

Autograph, an NFT platform co-founded by Tom Brady, has been successful by allowing users to collect NFTs that grant experiences, access, and represent their passion for their favorite role models.

Building with Blockchain

Other blockchain technology offers improved security and decentralization, giving you the opportunity to empower your user base by allowing them to become co-creators. In the age of social media that encourages users to create content, 79% of people say that User Generated Content highly impacts their purchasing decisions.

Integrating Web3 technologies also opens up new possibilities for virtual economies, allowing for secure and transparent transactions between users and your business. Blockchain itself enabling peer-to-peer transactions will also mean lower costs for businesses and users, eliminating the need for third-party processing fees.

Expression in the Immersive Web

The immersive web offers limitless avenues for creative self-expression. We’ve partnered with ReadyPlayerMe, the #1 Cross-Game Avatar Platform to bring bespoke avatar creation to your immersive worlds. Users can create their avatar in a pinch from a selfie, or explore hundreds of customisation options to express themselves in new ways.

Overall, Web3 integrations offer users and businesses a more decentralized and secure environment. Through blockchain, businesses can not only provide users with greater control over their digital assets and transactions, but they can also open up new revenue streams.

Bring Your World to Life with Custom Integrations

If you’re looking for something more specific, our rich experience feature set is continuously evolving and growing. We offer opportunities to ‘open the box’ and co-create or build new features and find solutions for your custom needs, be that ecommerce that integrates Web3 wallets and crypto payments, or a cutting edge CRM.

If you’re looking to create high quality experiences accessible from any device, seamlessly integrate Web2 and Web3 implementations, and open up new avenues for your business, JourneeX is the ultimate Enterprise Platform for building immersive virtual worlds. Through JourneeX, we also offer our professional service team to support you from design, to development, to launch.

Get in touch.

Published on 1 September 23
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