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JourneeX Brings AI Experiences to the Immersive Web with ChatGPT Integration

We leverage cutting edge technology to create new experiences and enrich the digital world. Discover our latest integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4

1 September 23
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On average, we spend almost 7 hours each day connected to the digital world. At Journee, we’re committed to making this digital world more beautiful and immersive—making those 7 hours each day more aesthetic and connective.

To achieve this, we leverage cutting edge technology to create new experiences and enrich the digital world.

Hence our latest integration is with OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4, a revolutionary AI chatbot already dramatically changing almost every industry.

Immerse Your Users with ChatGPT-4

As the personal and commercial needs for dynamic virtual spaces increase, we recognise the importance for advanced AI chatbots (conversational AI).

These chatbots are set to enhance user experiences, providing users with dynamic conversations that go a step beyond scripted responses towards providing meaningful information and connections in virtual spaces.

Through our custom integrations, you can offer your users unparalleled levels of interaction and engagement in your virtual worlds through AI-powered companions, avatars, or even holograms to answer their every question and address their every need.

As companions, AI chatbots will accompany users through their virtual experience, answer questions, and hold real time conversations to assist them in their journey. As holograms, the AI might give contextual cues, explain and describe the event or inform the user about your vision—anything is possible through JourneeX’s multi-purpose integrations, including ChatGPT-4.

Whether that’s exploring virtual landscapes or your next immersive brand event, ChatGPT-4 can be integrated in a number of ways to make your experience more interactive and dynamic, providing users with useful information and data on services, products, and the virtual events themselves.

More than that, AI chatbots can be a form of entertainment, overall enhancing virtual experiences for your users, giving them a more memorable experience of your brand.

From E-Commerce to AI-Commerce

Our ChatGPT-4 integration works seamlessly with otherintegrations and implementations, such as virtual storefronts or digital showrooms. This enables users to have seamless interactions and transactions within the virtual world, leveraging the power of AI to create a more user-friendly and immersive virtual environment.

If you’re looking to create a virtual storefront or bring your immersive commerce platform to the next level, ChatGPT-4 can also be integrated across the board. Thanks to ChatGPT’s integration, your users could not go from buying products and services through your virtual commerce store to interacting with AI-powered chatbots to make their experiences even smoother when purchasing or exploring.

AI companions could be especially useful in these cases, answering questions related to your brand or products, acting as an AI-supercharged brand representative dedicated to each and every one of your virtual world explorers.

Overall, the potential for ChatGPT-4 integrations will bring a new level of interactivity, engagement and intelligence to immersive worlds. With AI companions as companions, holograms, or information assistants, a new dimension of interactivity and engagement is brought to virtual environments, making them more dynamic and user-tailored, all powered by JourneeX.


We’ve joined forces with OpenAI to introduce ChatGPT-4 integrations into your virtual spaces. Through holograms, virtual companions and more, the next-level AI technology can be put to use to create more user-friendly, immersive and informative virtual spaces, improving customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and overall experiences in virtual worlds.

Looking to create your own immersive experience and explore integrations like ChatGPT-4?

Get in touch.

Published on 1 September 23
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