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H&M Delights Metaverse Concert-Goers With Virtual Concert

Witness the groundbreaking fusion of music and style as HM presents BGYO Celestial Spaces in the HM Virtual Universe on JourneeX. Experience the captivating performance by beloved Filipino boy band BGYO, accompanied by a fashion-forward collaboration with Dont Blame the Kids (DBTK). The event garnered global attention, earning an unprecedented NPS score of 98.2 and trending on Twitter in the Philippines.

28 October 22
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‘Celestial Spaces’ reaches new heights

H&M Global Music Hub, H&Mbeyond, and H&M Marketing Philippines presented ‘BGYO Celestial Spaces’ in the ‘H&M Virtual Universe’ on Journee’s immersive web platform - JourneeX.

Over 11,000 virtual visitors attended the free event, which starred Filipino boy band, BGYO, light up the stage and deliver their characteristic mix of pop and lyrical social commentary on issues of hope, youth empowerment, and self-love.

Music meets style at H&M’s breakthrough virtual concert

In H&M’s first ever foray into the world of virtual concerts, the fashion brand brought BGYO and Filipino streetwear Don't Blame the Kids (DBTK) together for a unique fashion-forward collaboration featuring their limited edition release of six different designs.

Proving that the binding power of music is not lost in virtual translation, concert-goers from across the globe revelled amongst the visual intricacy of the digital landscape, all hosted via JourneeX - Journee’s Metaverse infrastructure platform for immersive web applications.

Metaverse earns its stripes as a high-impact platform of the future

The one-of-a-kind experience certainly got the thumbs up - an unprecedented NPS (net promotor score) of 98.2, and generated more than 10,000 retweets on Twitter — catapulting it into a Trending Topic in the Philippines.

11k visitors | 12.3 minutes average visit | 98.2% NPS score | 10,000+ retweets

What’s next for the Metaverse?

The concert shined a light on emerging virtual technology and its to fuse art, fashion and technology. As we leave the pandemic behind, we enter the start of something big as consumers move toward a more connected, enriching digital experience.

Looking for a way to wow a global audience? The Metaverse opens up unless opportunities — schedule a demo with one of our digital experts and we can explore some ideas.

Published on 28 October 22
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