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Journee hosts third edition of SOIREE XD at its Headquarters in Berlin

In collaboration with futurehain, HDSHT and neon internet, Journee hosted Soiree XD #003 in Berlin. The conversation series facilitated discourse on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on society, fostering a more vibrant community around technological innovation processes.

26 May 23
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AI's impact on society's fabric

In May 2023, a group of around 50 passionate individuals from the creative tech scene came together to take part in the latest innovations and trailblazing discussions. The impressive lineup of speakers including Severin Matusek & Theresa Reimann-Dubbers, Peter Grosskopf, Mary-Audrey Ramirez, Jess de Jesus de Pinho Pinhal, Asli Serbest and Mona Mahall, and Florian Balke & Lisa Brandel sparked a dynamic exchange of ideas that left attendees amazed and inspired. According to Chiara Nicholl, Customer Success Manager at Journee, "In the realm of tech, where innovation reigns supreme, it was the profound exploration of identity and democratization that took center stage, leaving us with questions that gave us food for thought. It was an enriching journey that illuminated the power of authentic self-expression, redefining the philosophical landscape one perspective at a time."

Journee has teamed up with futurehain, HDSHT, and neon internet to bring you the stunning Soiree XD conversation series. This exciting event opens up a discourse around cutting-edge innovations at the intersection of digital technologies like web3, science, art, and design. Chiderah Sunny and Felix Rundel are leading the conversation with this edition's topic and guiding questions centering on the concept of identity in virtual worlds and exploring how individuals navigate their sense of self in an increasingly digital era. But it doesn't stop there. We're also considering how individuals fit into the greater social construct: How can we contribute to ensuring AI systems that serve the best interests of humanity as a whole?

Get ready to join the conversation at the cutting edge of tech innovation!

Soiree XD is the perfect environment for making an impact, bringing together like-minded individuals from various backgrounds, industries, and areas of expertise. The discussions unveiled diverse perspectives and experiences, which encourages innovative and critical thinking. Attendee Veronika Draexler raved about the power of this event to connect different spheres, saying: "In a world merging continents and merging minds, it is the intertwining of art, technology, and science that holds the key. This event embodies my own approach, drawing me in with its power to connect diverse spheres. For in the future, it is through embracing multiple mindsets and seeking alignment that we will discover the true harmony of progress."

One of the key takeaways from the joint discussion for Achraf Saad, Software Engineer at Journee, is that unlocking the true potential of the virtual realm requires safeguarding its users while enabling unprecedented self-expression. By transcending the limitations of reality, intentional communication can be reshaped to eliminate misunderstandings. Achraf emphasizes the importance of refining the user experience and harnessing the virtual world's power responsibly: “Together, we can forge a safer and more captivating virtual world.”

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About Soiree XD

Soiree XD is an ongoing series of conversations on early signs of deep disruption in business, policy, design, art and culture - driven by latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technologies, Web3 and other fields of (deep) technology. Gathering experts, practitioners, artists and researchers at the cutting edge of their domains, and stirring exchange with an open community that spans sectors, generations and walks of life, provides a new forum for mapping the opportunities and problems of rapid technological and societal change. Most of all, the multi-cities series connects engaged individuals beyond their domains, allowing for new synergies and dynamics.

Chiderah Sunny
Felix Rundel
Rahim Chatts
Sebastian Zimmerhackl
Younes Mohammadi

Published on 26 May 23
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