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Journee Opens New Global Headquarters

Journee opened its doors to the new Metaverse Hub, serving as its global headquarters and hosting industry frontrunners. Located in Berlins creative district, the space celebrates connectivity with like-minded people and serves as a new medium for the beauty of the newly possible on the internet. Regional hubs will be located in Cape Town, New York , Dubai, Lisbon and Stockholm.

13 June 22
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Even the Metaverse needs a place to call home

Last night Journee opened its doors to the brand new Metaverse Hub. Invitees to the opening included industry leaders in the digital galaxy —Tech, Culture, Arts, Finance, Brands, Agencies, Web 3, and beyond — who celebrated with fellow Journee team members.

Journee wants to rethink how the internet works. The change is best made when we join together, connecting the movers and shakers who push innovation time and time again. That’s what made the event so special; a gathering of like-minded people who could connect, share and be inspired by the beauty of what’s possible.

The future of the internet has arrived in Berlin

The new space will serve as Journee’s global headquarters, and support regional hubs in Cape Town, New York, Dubai and Stockholm. Located in Berlin’s central district, Mitte — home to some of Berlin’s best independent ateliers and galleries — it's ideally placed to soak up the creative spirit of the local area. Journee looks forward to distilling some of that energy into our clients’ projects...

Take a peek at what Journee has been able to create so far.
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Published on 13 June 22
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