Clinique and Journee win prestigious Drum Awards for their groundbreaking Clinique Virtual Lab, revolutionizing e-commerce with immersive 3D shopping. Discover how this innovative project is setting new standards in the retail industry through metaverse technology.

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Journee and Clinique Triumph at The Drum Awards with Groundbreaking Immersive Commerce Experience

Clinique and Journee won Drum Awards for their Clinique Virtual Lab, transforming e-commerce with a 3D immersive shopping experience. This project, celebrated for its innovation and creativity, marks a significant advancement in online retail, showcasing the potential of metaverse technology to enhance consumer engagement and set new industry benchmarks.

1 January 24
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Journee Won Two Drum Awards

In an era where innovation and creativity reign supreme, Journee, in collaboration with the esteemed skincare brand Clinique, has achieved a remarkable milestone by winning not one, but two prestigious Drum Awards. This recognition comes for their collaborative venture, the Clinique Virtual Lab—an initiative that has not only redefined the landscape of immersive commerce but also underscored the immense potential of the metaverse in enhancing consumer engagement and brand experience.

A New Era of Immersive Commerce

The Clinique Virtual Lab, a pioneering online storefront, was conceived with the ambition of transcending traditional e-commerce boundaries to offer a rich, immersive shopping experience. This visionary project has been honored with the following accolades at The Drum Awards:

  • Creativity: Metaverse
  • Digital Industries: Metaverse Activation

These awards are a testament to the innovative spirit and forward-thinking approach of both Journee and Clinique, showcasing their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in digital retail.

The Genesis of The Clinique Lab

Clinique's mission to create a better world for our skin is embodied in their physical retail labs in China and New York City, where personalized diagnostics meet immersive shopping. Taking inspiration from these successful brick-and-mortar experiences, Clinique and Journee embarked on a journey to extend this innovative concept to a broader audience through the metaverse, thus birthing the virtual Clinique Lab.

Reimagining Retail in the Virtual World

The Clinique Lab represents a seamless blend of the iconic Clinique Counter experience with the limitless possibilities of the virtual world. It is a space where consumers, whether loyal enthusiasts or new explorers, can connect with the brand in a novel and engaging way. By integrating this virtual shopping experience directly into their website, Clinique has set a new standard for immersive commerce.

Journee's execution of the Clinique Lab allowed users to immerse themselves in a photorealistic 3D environment, navigating through six unique territories that offer product storytelling, gamification, personalized engagement, and exclusive shopping opportunities—all without the need for a headset and accessible from any device.

A Leap Towards the Future of

The virtual Clinique Lab has redefined the online shopping experience, making it accessible through a browser and fully integrated across Clinique's website and social media platforms. This integration ensures a seamless shopping journey, from exploration to checkout, within the virtual Lab itself. The debut of the lab spotlighted Clinique's Moisture Surge™ 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator, alongside the 'Protect Your Glow' campaign, offering consumers an interactive and explorative narrative within the digital space.

Recognition at The Drum Awards

The Drum Awards is a globally acclaimed platform that celebrates excellence across the marketing and communications sector. Winning in the categories of Creativity and Digital Industries for their metaverse activation, Journee and Clinique have demonstrated their leadership in harnessing new technologies to create meaningful and engaging consumer experiences.

A Collaborative Triumph

This achievement is a culmination of the passion, dedication, and creativity of the teams at Journee and Clinique. Their collaborative effort to bring the virtual Clinique Lab to life has not only set a new benchmark for immersive commerce but also highlighted the transformative potential of the metaverse in reshaping consumer interactions with brands.

As we look to the future, the success of the Clinique Virtual Lab serves as a beacon for brands aiming to innovate within the digital domain. Journee and Clinique's triumph at The Drum Awards is a celebration of their pioneering spirit and a testament to the limitless possibilities that await in the intersection of technology, creativity, and commerce.

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Published on 1 January 24
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