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Shiseido Skytopia Triumphs at Campaign Asia-Pacific Marketing Awards

Skytopia wins big, redefining beauty training with immersive intraverse innovation.

17 April 24
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Shiseido Skytopia won at Campaign Asia-Pacific Marketing Awards (EMA2024)

In a landmark collaboration between Journee and Chab Agency, Shiseido's "SHISEIDO SKYTOPIA" has clinched multiple accolades at the prestigious Campaign Asia-Pacific Marketing Awards (EMA2024). This innovative project, powered by Journee and developed in partnership with Chab agency, won Gold in Best Virtual Experience, Silver in Best Brand Experience B2B, and Bronze in Best Immersive Experience, marking a significant achievement for Shiseido and its partners.

Shiseido Skytopia

Collaborative Innovation in the Beauty Industry

In the pursuit of enhancing employee expertise and fostering a stronger connection within the beauty industry, Journee and Chab agency collaborated to create an immersive metaverse experience for Shiseido that transcended geographical boundaries. This partnership resulted in the creation of "SHISEIDO SKYTOPIA," a digital realm where innovation and imagination converge to redefine beauty education and engagement.

Skytopia is designed as an explorative, interactive learning metaverse tailored specifically for Shiseido’s beauty professionals. The platform features a unique digital landscape with dedicated spaces for each brand, where visual learning, gamification, and downloadable resources merge seamlessly. Beauty Consultants are immersed in an environment where they can attend live talks, view pre-recorded videos, interact with brand ambassadors, and engage in competitive knowledge testing.

Shiseido Skytopia beauty professionals in training

A Deep Dive into Virtual Beauty Education

The detailed, larger-than-life beauty products are rendered in exquisite high-definition, enhancing the learning experience. Beauty Consultants can experiment with product ingredient combinations, simulating real-life scenarios that they face in stores. Accessible via both browsers and mobile devices, SHISEIDO SKYTOPIA breaks down traditional barriers to learning, providing a visually captivating and deeply engaging experience for all users.

Shiseido Skytopia Beauty professionals in training in the Intraverse

Setting a New Standard for Internal Metaverses - The Intraverses

As a successful use case of an Intraverse (Internal Metaverse), Skytopia showcases the potential of virtual environments in enhancing corporate training and engagement. The platform not only enhances the expertise of beauty consultants but also significantly boosts potential revenue opportunities by enabling precise product recommendations.

Shiseido Skytopia Intraverse - training space

Engage with Shiseido’s Award-Winning Innovation

SHISEIDO SKYTOPIA is more than just a training tool; it is a pioneering approach to learning and engagement in the beauty sector. For those interested in understanding the impact of this innovative project, exploring the possibilities of Intraverse, or starting a project with us, we encourage you to read the detailed case study or contact us directly.

As Skytopia continues to set industry standards, Shiseido reaffirms its commitment to innovation, engagement, and the professional growth of its team, ensuring that the sky's not the limit—it's just the beginning.

For further information on SHISEIDO SKYTOPIA, to discover the possibilities of Intraverse, or to start a project with us, please contact us, our professional team will assist you. 

Published on 17 April 24
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