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Journee celebrates industry accolades at Lovie Awards

Journee is honored with two bronze awards for their work on the HM Virtual Showroom and Meta Festival at the 12th Annual Lovie Awards, recognizing the Best of the European Internet. The awards highlight Journees innovation in creating retail experiences and hosting large-scale virtual events in the Metaverse, signaling the potential for fresh novelty and global accessibility.

24 November 22
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‘Best of the European Internet’: Journee honored with double awards.

Last night Journee came home with not one but two awards at the 12th Annual Lovie Awards. Honoring the ‘Best of the European Internet’ the Lovie awards bring together industry innovators across the Metaverse, Websites, Apps, Advertising, Mobile Sites & Podcasts, Social, Internet Video and Web3, & NFTs for a night celebrating the best in the business.

Journee was incredibly proud to have joined the stage with such a strong field of industry leaders, and even prouder to lift the trophy with our partners & friends at DEPT agency. We brought home two bronze awards — one for our work on the ‘H&M Virtual Showroom’, and one for ‘Meta Festival’.

From nearly 1,000 entries from over 30 European countries, the award winners were selected by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, a global organization of industry experts and technology innovators.

Take a bow, H&M Virtual Showroom and Meta Festival!

H&M Virtual showroom
A shop window, catwalk, meeting point, event space and business hub — find out how Journee reimagined the future of retail experiences.

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Meta Festival 2022
The ‘Meta Festival’ saw innovators and thought-leaders share their knowledge on all things web3. Attendees from around the world joined together via live streams to take part in keynotes and discussion panels — opening up a world of fresh insights and networking opportunities.

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Web3 opening up market opportunity

As the virtual world increasingly becomes a place for brands to establish spaces to connect and explore, Web3 is proving itself as a viable commercial prospect for brands willing to go beyond what’s been done before. The awarding of the two Lovie accolades shows that one of the most impactful ways for brands to make a splash is by enhancing large-scale virtual events that can achieve even more than what they would have done in-real-life; expanding accessibility for the event’s global attendance and offering fresh novelty that inspires online engagement.

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Published on 24 November 22
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