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Welcoming Diego Borgo to the Journee Team

We're thrilled to announce Diego Borgo joins Journee as Immersive Metaverse & Web3 Advisor! Diego is a leading Web3 and Metaverse advisor with a wealth of experience.

10 October 23
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Bridging the Gap

Diego is a leading Metaverse & Web3 advisor with a wealth of experience.

Diego's focus will be helping continue to educate and bridge the gap for brands between web2 and web3 using the power of Journee's immersive tech through agency, consultancy and tech partnerships across Journee's growing ecosystem.

Expertise and Collaboration

Nominated as one of "10 Metaverse experts to follow" by W&V, Germany's leading marketing and media portal, Diego has been featured in over 70 podcasts, has 6+ years of blockchain experience and over a decade of digital marketing and branding experience.

Notably, Diego’s has led Fortune 500 brands into the Web3 and Metaverse space, including enterprises such as Adidas, Prada, G-Star, Salesforce, Unilever, L'Oréal, Mastercard, Volkswagen Group, Škoda, Porsche, Cupra and Shell.

“I’ve made it my mission to help shape the future of the web. Along the way, I’ve had the opportunity to advise some of the largest brands on the planet, team up with cutting-edge tech companies, and assist in training the next generation of Web3 leaders. That being said, there’s honestly no place I’d rather be than collaborating with Journee. Their “show, don’t tell” mentality and the vision of driving mainstream adoption of the Immersive Web and Web3 technologies align entirely with mine. Can’t wait to, together, take this industry by storm – LFG!“

Published on 10 October 23
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