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Blockchain in the immersive web: Journee x Venly is here to redefine the future of web3 iCommerce

Exciting News! Venly has partnered with Journee to integrate their web3 software with our cutting-edge metaverse infrastructure platform. This partnership presents new shopping and earning opportunities for our customers through immersive commerce. By integrating our platform with Venly’s software, inclusivity and accessibility of blockchain networks are enhanced, ushering in new opportunities for web3 iCommerce.

2 August 23
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Redefining Immersive Commerce (iCommerce)with Blockchain Technology

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with leading blockchain technology provider… Venly!

Our metaverse infrastructure platform for immersive web applications offers interactive, engaging, and beautiful virtual experiences, and is now elevated through seamless integration with Venly’s web3 services. Our partnership is an exciting milestone that marks the future of both electronic commerce (e-commerce) and metaverse experiences.

Immersive commerce, an extension of e-commerce, is defined by in-experience shopping . As pioneers, we've envisioned the potential of iCommerce experiences within immersive web spaces. By prioritizing customer experience through the utilization of augmented reality and other immersive technologies, iCommerce extends the boundaries of traditional online shopping. By crafting superior user experiences in the immersive web, iCommerce can promote greater interactivity and establish profound, emotionally charged connections with the consumers.

Venly’s service offerings are transforming both digital shopping and earning opportunities. Together, we're set to revolutionize the immersive web experience through a cohesive integration of iCommerce services.

A Closer Look Into Venly’s Service Offerings

Venly’s web3 technology stack revolutionizes iCommerce experiences. Venly offers digital wallet services, tools for managing NFTs and multi-blockchain marketplace solutions for the immersive web.

Wallet services will allow our users to securely store, manage, and interact with various types of digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies or NFTs. Venly’s easy-to-implement wallet services are available on any browser and any device. They offer multi-factor authentication and recovery services if a password is forgotten.

NFTs are unique digital assets that represent ownership of a specific item, piece of content, or artwork on a blockchain. Venly’s vision consists of bringing blockchain into the mainstream. Therefore, Venly offers NFT tools that enable anyone to access Web3 services. Venly’s NFT tools enable users to create, buy, sell, and manage NFTs.

Multi-blockchain marketplace solutions refer to facilitating transactions and interactions involving various digital assets across multiple blockchain networks. ​​Venly's multi-blockchain marketplace solutions allow users to buy, sell, and trade various digital assets across different blockchains. Venly facilitates these transactions and interactions, eliminating the need for users to interact with multiple blockchain networks.

The Power of An Inclusive Internet

Venly enables the use of blockchain, by providing accessible, trusted software solutions to the web3 industry. Venly’s vision to bring blockchain into the mainstream embodies a value for accessibility and innovation. We share these sentiments. Our immersive experiences are browser-based, allowing anyone with access to the internet the opportunity to explore immersive worlds created with our technology.

By innovating web3 e-commerce, and integrating our product with Venly, the digital economy will flourish, along with the empowerment of creators, brands and communities.

The future is here. Discover our immersive web platform JourneeX

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Published on 2 August 23
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